Crawley Interfaith Network – Management

The CIFN management committee determines policy and co-ordinates and administers the network locally.  CIFN is in conference with several: neighbourhood, district and national religious and secular congregations and communities. It contributes to and is served by Faiths in Sussex, The South East England Faiths Forum and Interfaith Network U.K

CIFN arranges and engages with a variety of activities in and around Crawley. Occasionally, invited speakers are invited to address the membership in presentations on a variety of subjects. Such gatherings offer all those involved the opportunity to share information and contribute ideas.

Governance is intended to focus on: 

  • Encouraging an atmosphere of goodwill and peace between different faith communities.
  • Promoting an attitude that reflects on commonly held beliefs leading to the acknowledgement of differences and celebration of diversity.
  • Inspiring understanding and respect between faith groups.

The Management Committee Rules of Conduct are described here: CIFN Code of Conduct.doc