The Interfaith Network pitched in to support the Crawley Friary Hall ‘Lunches for the Socially Disadvantaged’ with another enthusiastic multifaith task force led by Priscilla Lambert and ably assisted by Ashwin Soni, Dawn Powell, Roger Baker, Lana Peile, Rick and Jane Heybroek, John and Queenie Hopcroft, Ratnam Nadarajah, John Marder and others.

The main course, a superb mild chicken curry with rice, was generously donated by Parshuram and Krishna Pandey of Lal Akash restaurant, South Godstone, Surrey RH9 8EZ. Interfaith Network members (and particularly Queenie Hopcroft and Shirley Bridges) contributed sandwiches, puddings and drinks as well as setting up, serving, washing and clearing up.

Attendance continued steady at about 65 guests, as at the previous lunch in July, and the feedback from diners was enthusiastic.

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