March 27, 2016

The Crawley Interfaith team put on another superb lunch with support from CIfN and GHU volunteers on March 27th, 2016:

FriaryLunchA-27mar16FriaryLunchB-27mar16 FriaryLunchC-27mar16

January 22, 2017

CIfN followed it up with another successful lunch supported by His Worship the Mayor, Cllr Raj Sharma, and Mme. Mayor, on January 22nd, 2017. “The food was superb, there was none left at the end! People had second and third helpings” reported GHU volunteer Ashwin Soni.

March 26, 2017

Another well-attended lunch, with great team work and lovely food provided by Lal Aakash. A particularly large ‘thank you’ goes to the Seventh Day Adventist Church for donating £40 towards the lunch.