adopted on the 3rd October 2006


  1. Adoption of the Constitution.
    The association and its property will be administered and managed in accordance with the provisions in Parts 1 and 2 of this constitution.
  2. The Name. 
    The association’s name is Crawley Interfaith Network (and in this document it is called the Network).
  3. The Objects.
    In this document, “Crawley” means the area presently defined as the Borough of Crawley in West Sussex, England.

The Network’s Aims are:

To encourage an atmosphere of goodwill and peace between different faith communities in and around Crawley.

To promote and reflect on common beliefs as well as acknowledge differences and celebrate diversity.

To help create understanding and respect between faith groups in and around Crawley.

In pursuit of these aims, the Network’s objects (the Objects) are:

    1. To celebrate cultural diversity and promote unity
    2. To work towards creating common ground
    3. To provide a means for the general public to be involved in multi-faith activities
    4. To be an initial contact point whenever there is a need for consultation or assistance on multi-faith issues
    5. To arrange annual/regular activities, including events open to the general public, which are religious, cultural and social gatherings, in order to foster understanding and build upon differences
    6. To create dialogue to support bridge building amongst faith and secular communities in and around Crawley

The full constitution in PDF format can be downloaded HERE.